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February 17, 2017 – "Updates to CPAD 2016b & CCED 2016 now available"

December 15, 2016 – "CPAD 2016b & CCED 2016 now available!"

December 6, 2016 – "New schools database! CPAD/CCED coming December 15th"

September 2016 – "Learn more about CPAD in upcoming webinars"

August 2017 – "CPAD 2017a is ready for download!"



Upcoming "CPAD 101" Webinars

Protected Areas Webinars are introductory sessions to CPAD and CCED – 40 minute, fast-paced learning sessions, with an additional 15-20 minute Q&A. 

  • Wednesday, January 18th at 3pm PST - Done
  • Friday, February 17th at 10am PST - Done
  • Tuesday, March 28th at 3pm PST - Done
  • Thursday, April 27th at 4pm PST - Done
  • Wednesday, August 23rd at 10am PST - Sign up now!



2016, Dec 15: CPAD 2016b updates were published - read more about the CPAD release (PDF)

2016, June 1: CPAD 2016a updates were published - more about the 2016a CPAD release (PDF) 

2015, December 1: CPAD 2015b updates were published - more about the 2015b CPAD release  (PDF)

2015, Sept 21:  An error in the San Pablo Bay NWR area of ownership has been identified. The previous boundary included properties not owned by SPBNWR. The Sonoma County Parcels (~1,500 acres) contained between the banks of Third Napa Slough, Second Napa Slough, and Sonoma Creek that are not owned by the SPBNWR were removed. This update will be reflected in the 2015b release, scheduled for late 2015. To manually make these changes when using 2015a please download the instructions and files to replace the necessary holding, unit, and super unit. Download the file here

2015, April:  Esri ArcGIS 10.3 issues with CPAD data.  The CPAD 2014a release, when opened in ArcGIS 10.3, shows negative holding IDs (CPAD_Holdings shp field 'holding_id') - this does not affect other ArcGIS 10.x releases. When opening CPAD 2014a in 10.1, the holding_id field is a long integer. But when that same shapefile is opened in 10.3, it is erroneously changed to a short integer. This issue is documented by Esri here:  Esri has no plans to fix this bug.  We believe that when the CPAD holding_id values get too high, ArcGIS 10.3 starts creating negative numbers - for CPAD 2015a, we are modifying the accuracy of the field to avoid this issue.

2015, February:  Funding for CPAD/CCED has resumed in early 2015, after ceasing in mid-2014 - we look forward to a rapid pace of updates over the next two years!


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