Informational Videos

View our video series for an insight into CPAD and CCED. Video captions and transcripts are available.

Learn about GreenInfo Network, the organization that created and maintains the California Protected Areas Database (CPAD) and the California Conservation Easement Database (CCED).

READ: About GreenInfo Network (Transcript)

Hear how and when CPAD was created. Also, learn about how protected lands are defined in CPAD.

READ: CPAD History and Defining Protected Lands (Transcript)

View this video for a walkthrough the CPAD Structure.

READ: CPAD Structure (Transcript)

Learn about CPAD statistics, the data complexity, updates, and challenges.

READ: CPAD Statistics, Attributes, and Challenges (Transcript)

Learn about the best uses for CPAD and caveats. Get a look into project examples as well.

READ: CPAD Uses (Transcript)

Get a glimpse into the CPAD User Manual which is a helpful document that is updated and available with each data release.

READ: CPAD User Manual (Transcript)

Interested in learning about the national dataset equivalents of CPAD and CCED? Watch this video.

READ: National Databases (Transcript)

Learn how to navigate and access all of the great resources found on

READ: CA Lands Site (Transcript)

Learn which lands CCED encompasses and other information like its history.

READ: California Conservation Easement Database (Transcript)