California Protected Areas Data Portal


CPAD-Related Data

CPAD contains data specifically based on ownership of open space lands by public agencies and organizations who's primary purpose is the management of lands as open space.

However, there are many other types of data that can be useful in mapping, analyzing and assessing CPAD data. The following are data sets that are often used for such purposes – if you have candidates for other such datasets (statewide only, please), contact us.


Key California CPAD-Related Data Sets

California GIS Portal  – Many related data sets are available for download or as web services from the Portal.

Military Lands – Military bases are not included in CPAD as their primary purpose is not resource protection, even though many large bases are important natural habitat. GreenInfo has developed interim data on Military lands, which is generally current as of 2010 - Download military lands data »  (800kb zipped shape file)

Tribal Land – Native American sovereign lands are not included in CPAD, unless they have officially designated conservation areas.GreenInfo has developed interim data on Tribal lands – Download tribal lands data »  (250kb zipped shape file)

California Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) – MPAs are regulatory designations to protect ocean resources – learn more at the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife MPA site. MPAs are not included in CPAD as they are not ownership designations.

California BLM GIS site – a very wide range of BLM data for California is available at this site.

California USFS data – The US Forest Service California site has a wide range of data related to USFS holdings. 


Other Related Data Links

BLM – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management maintains a wide range of data of relevance to using CPAD. While most BLM data is now available at state levels, there is one BLM web site that appears to have access to many national BLM data sets, beyond the SMA and ACEC data noted below.

BLM Surface Management Agency layer (SMA) – This BLM data layer defines surface management responsibilities and is actively under development and refinement in 2015 and beyond, with SMA data available at the BLM GeoCommunicator web site.

BLM Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) – ACECs are policy designations that can extend onto private land though they have no affect on those lands. ACEC data is available at the BLM GeoCommunicator web site.

National Land Conservation System (NLCS) - the NLCS is overall framework for the management of a range of federal lands, including National Monuments, Trails, Wild & Scenic Rivers and more. 

National Wildnerness System – A wide range of information on the Wilderness System is available at, managed by the University of Montana, including data downloads (choose "shapefiles/map service") and an online map for browsing wilderness data.

BLM Wilderness Study Areas – (no information available)

Wild and Scenic Rivers (W&S) – W&S is a federal designation (there is also a Calif. W&S) that applies general regulatory guidance to the use of legislatively designated rivers and a general area around them. W&S is not an ownership category.  Data on W&S is available here (open up the box noted "GIS data").

US Forest Service (USFS) – USFS manages extensive areas of California and national GIS data is available here.